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Crome Versus Mozilla
Chrome for the first time in order to shift the position of Firefox browser on the computer the most widely used globally.
Digital Trends reported sites, Chrome sits in second place and earned 25.7 percent of global browser market share in November 2011. Whereas two years ago, Google's browser is only 4.5 per cent quota. At that Chrome is facing tough competition from the various browsers 'old', namely Opera and Apple's browser, Safari.
At their peak, Internet Explorer still prevail. Microsoft's browser is noted owns 40 percent of the browser market in the world. Meanwhile, Firefox tumbled into third position and is expected to continue to decline. As of November
2011, flagship Mozilla browser just got a market share of 25.23 percent.

For smartphones and tablet mobile browser, Android browser, Opera Mini, BlackBerry, and Symbian share a share of three percent in the share of this market. Pemuncaknya is Safari that gain market share by 55 percent. Domination is supported use Safari on iPhone and iPad.
In the meantime, use the browser to the PlayStation 3 console is still occupied. Followed Opera, WebTV, and Internet Explorer.
Which was your favorite browser?