Six lines of the world's major central banks, co-fund the supply of dollars increases

Bank of Japan and the U. S. Federal Reserve Board (FRB), the European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of England, Swiss National Bank, Bank of Canada's major banks to the central 6 lines, 30 days, and to expand the supply of dollars in co-operation fund announced.

The central bank reduced interest rate financing of $ 0.5% from the past, funding dollars to help the private financial institutions. Unusual because the situation can not continue funding the financial crisis in European financial institutions dollars in Europe.
The central bank, monetary policy in an extraordinary meeting on the night of 30 steps is decided. The new values ​​will take effect after the date of 05. Decides to extend until February 2013 flexible funding arrangements to get dollars from FRB.

In Europe, the impact of financial crisis, many financial institutions will be on hand to thicken the dollar the world's financial markets that the exchange of funds between bank lenders have less money bank dollar funding dollars Many have suffered particularly in the West.

To prevent blockage of the fund, decided to strengthen cooperation funded by the Bank of dollars each.

We also agreed to conclude the deal come together to exchange one of the six lines in your local currency. At present, expanding the supply of non-dollar currencies is not required, in which the central bank will also receive accommodations such as the euro and other currencies like the pound.