5 Facts Jesus was not Born In December

We as Muslims must respect the religions of others. 

The following facts, presumably Muslims, including me and you will strengthen, affirm faith in Allah Almighty, God no children and is not begotten.

Here are 5 Facts Jesus Not Born in December:

1. None of the information in any version of the Gospels that describe certainty when the birth of Jesus.

2. Described in the Gospel, Luke 2:11 that Jesus was born at the time of the shepherds come out at night to keep the goats.

In fact, that the month of December is the winter that does not allow for people out of the house let alone in a meadow at night.

3. In the Gospel, there is a difference in the genealogy of Jesus.

Gospel According to Matthew 1:1-16, Jesus was a descendant of Abraham that to 41.
According to the Gospel of Luke 3:23-38, Jesus was a descendant of Abraham that to 57.

4. Dalam Gospel, there are also differences in the birth of Jesus.
Gospel of Matthew explains that Jesus was born no later than the year 4 BC.
While the Gospel of Luke 2:1-20 describes Jesus was born on 7 M.

5. In the Qur'an Surat Maryam verse 25 gives the answer that the name of the Prophet Jesus was born at the time of ripe fruit on the tree dates, ie between September and early October.

Similarly, there are five facts about the Christmas celebration that aims to celebrate the birth of Jesus (Prophet Isa).

VERY Muslims to respect other faiths.
Hopefully this fact can be a reflection, in particular Muslims, hopefully getting thicker our faith in Allah SWT.

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