Microsoft to Launch operating system Windows 8 in 2012

The blog post used quotation marks when it referred to Windows 8, so there is no certainty that this will be the final name, but if the time frame is correct, then we know that Microsoft should be within three to six months of a milestone M1 release that is provided to the company’s closest partners.
indicates that Microsoft is already hard at work to prepare the next, most likely much more substantial new operating system upgrade than Windows 7 was.

Windows 8 was built on the foundation of Windows Vista and, conceivably, indicates that 2012 will be the right time for Microsoft to release a major new operating system, as Microsoft typically releases significant new operating systems every 5 to 6 years. Windows 8 would follow the general line and release scheduling of Windows 95, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Several years ago, Microsoft revealed that it may soon be necessary to rewrite the entire Windows code or write it entirely from scratch to make the software more secure and respond to progress in computer hardware. At that time, the company announced the Singularity project, which provided a research operating system that includes many new ideas of Microsoft’s researchers and engineers.

Windows 8 could and probably needs integrate some of the Singularity ideas, if this is the operating system that will be the company’s OS foundation until 2017 2018. We previously heard that Windows 8 may also include an app store, which should not be a big surprise, given the current app frenzy. Also expect a much greater focus on mobile connectivity and integration as well as cloud computing that will seamlessly integrate features such as Windows Live Essentials.

Windows 7 was released in October 2009; two and a half years after the Windows Vista went on sale for most customers. Microsoft officials, including CEO Steve Ballmer, had promised that after Vista’s many delays that the company would never again go so long between Windows releases.

The company has not said much about Windows 8, but if it is indeed two years out, that would make three years between releases. Ballmer did say this week at a Gartner symposium that the next version of Windows represents the company’s “riskiest bet.”